Being a Tourist in Your Own City


My resolve to blog weekly was overridden by unforeseen circumstances, and a large bit of laziness on my part. However I realise that I’ve left it far far FAR too long, and so I have decided that (starting today) I will post more consistently.

I wanted to tell you about a trip that I went on, almost a month ago:

I’m about to sound like a tourist in my own city, but I don’t really care. I had planned to go to The Science Museum with a friend one morning. The plan was to meet at South Kensington Station. I arrived about 45 minutes early, and so concluded that I should walk around the area to use up the time. I knew that the right exit lead to the Science Museum, so I decided to take the left exit. I mean, why not?

I walked out feeling glum and bored from waiting before I’d even begun, but I tried to be positive. As I came out from under the covering of the station, I looked up. My breath caught. I honestly have never been so elated and shocked and stunned all in one.

I saw it.



A vision of my dreams. Part of my future. The Lamborghini London exhibit store. My gosh. I think I took about five photos, as many as I could get away with without looking creepy. I just couldn’t brush away the childlike glee and excitement. My gleaming smile was engraved in my face. The photos are so touristy and rushed that you can see me in the window’s reflection.

This isn’t me being pretentious. When I saw the display of cars in front of me, it made my day. What can I say? I just have a thing for Italian cars, specifically the Lamborghini Murcielago.

The Science Museum was interesting too…