Day 1: Crafting Inspiration Problems


I’m a crafter. An artist if you will. I draw and I make stuff, such as cards, bookmarks, boxes, journals etc.

I’m also, and more importantly, an avid collector of paper-crafting materials. If it’s cute or vintage, Me to You or Tim Holtz, Forever Friends or Papermania, I will probably want it. I have somehow managed to acquire stamps, punches, scoreboards, embossing folders, ink pads, frames and borders, stickers, promarkers, decoupage and embellishments galore, but right now I only want to talk about my card and paper stock. I’ve built up a pretty collection of stuff, and I have categories such as:

– A4

– Smaller than A4 (but not as small as A5)

– A5

–  Not quite scraps, but too small to be anything else

– Scraps

– Plain

– Textured

– Patterned

– Special (foiled, embossed, really really cute, etc)

– Glittered

– Journalling materials


These are only the ones I could remember without checking. Naturally, you’d expect that for some one with such a stash, I’d never be short of inspiration, right? HA.


I used to craft every day, but then uni and other things in life got in the way of that. Because I’m on holidays I’m trying to reawaken my creative side and resume making pretty little keepsakes and bits and bobs. There are days when I’ll get the urge to craft, and so I’ll fight through the fact that my stuff isn’t fully organised yet to satisfy this desire.

(I’m sure my fellow crafters and creative folk will know that when your craft stash is not properly organised, it somehow impacts your enjoyment of crafting.

“Well what I need is in that big box over there, but if I try and move it, I’ll cause that other box to become unstable and then all the little stuff might fall down and do you know how long it takes to sweep up glitter, gems and flowersoft and imagine if my little box of super tiny embellishments opened and poured out onto the carpet, and under the cupboard! UGH I need to lie down.”)

So as you can see, it’s very easy to forget to use up crafting supplies. So much so, that yesterday afternoon I discovered that I had not used a Forever Friends 12 by 12 paperpad that I bought eagerly (when it was on a half price sale) back in January. In fact, my Mum had used it more than me. I however was being far too precious about it, and keeping it stored in the bubble-wrapped envelope it was delivered in. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. In Winter 2012 I bought the (almost) complete Me to You Winter Wonderland kit from the docrafts website. I don’t love  Me to You, but I thoroughly appreciate and like like like it. Probably a little more than I should. Yeah. Somehow those ‘precious’ craft supplies remained in the box they were delivered in; the stamps and paper packs unopened, everything pristine and unused for about a year. How shameful. Eventually I removed the packaging and introduced Tatty Teddy to the rest of my stamps, and integrated the paper and card with the rest of my stuff. But alas, I almost made the same mistake again.


Enough is enough Jennie. You are not a craft supplies’ collector. You are not a craft products hoarder. 


I decided yesterday, after a little pep talk from my Mum, that I would make something. Anything. Using some of the ‘precious’ cardstock. At about 8pm, I brought out a mix of crafting goodies. Instinctively I decided to make a card, as usually that’s a good first step for me. Cards are generally my go-to project. This would surely get me motivated, stir up the inspiration and make me feel creative and excited about paper and card again.

After 45 minutes or so, I looked at the mess I had created. No, not on the table or on the floor, I’m talking about the card itself.

“You call yourself a crafter, eh?” My mind was taunting me, mocking my pathetic attempt at producing something artistic. I don’t blame my mind, though. The card looked sickly, as if a pink marshmallow threw up on the 300gsm bright white cardstock.

I quickly flung the card to the side, and decided to make a box. I didn’t want to do a typical, run of the mill box, so I looked online for a template that I hadn’t tried before. 30 minutes later, after trying to recalculate the measurements and producing a tiny little box that looked awful, I gave up. I wasn’t too pleased with these mistakes happy accidents.

I went about my business for a while, until, when I was all dressed and ready for bed at 11.45pm, this brilliant idea came to me. I could make a never-ending card! YES!

I didn’t get to sleep until 1.18am. But it was so worth it. I made a pretty never-ending card, and that was quickly followed up by a super-cute mini journal. I went to sleep exhausted, but with a smile on my face. Job well done.

Why do I get crafting inspiration, and ideas for creative projects at really inconvenient times?