Day 10: I thoroughly dislike custom charges… And ‘closing down’ sales


It isn’t fair. Just because I live in England and I want clothes from America, that doesn’t mean I should be charged an obscene amount above the price of the clothes AND the international shipping. Where is the justice??

A few months back I’d been looking for some Christian inspired clothing – hoodies, jumpers, tops – that sort of thing. Then Instagram introduced me to 8tnapparel in February, and I immediately ‘fell in like’ with the store.

There was this one top that said ‘faith’ across it, and it was just the perfect shade of blue, so beautiful, and I just thought, “Yes. This is it. This is the one.” At the time it was something like £20 + £11 postage. I gulped, but was prepared to buy it, this would be my ‘treat to self’ for a while. But then I found out that on top of those costs, my dear friends at Royal Mail were going to charge custom fees. I was expected to pay something like £46 for this top that, if I lived in America, would have cost me much, much less.

Despite this injustice I still was going to buy the top, but alas, other costs made themselves known and so fashion had to take a little snooze.

June came, my birthmonth, and I eagerly searched the store, only to find out that the top was sold out in my size. I laughed (read: cried). But hey, it was bound to come back soon, right?

I found out a few weeks ago that 8tnapparel are closing down.

The top sold out completely.

My plan to go to America and stay for a few months just so I could visit Disney, buy clothing, and shop at Walmart/Target/Sally’s was suddenly thwarted.

I never got the top.

What’s worse, is that I’m yet to find a great Christian fashion retailer based in the UK, with prices that are friendly to student budgets.

I’m so saddened by the fact that the store has to close down. Especially since I’m still not over Wesley Owen closing down.

Christian merchandise shouldn’t be out of fashion. The retailers shouldn’t have to keep closing down their businesses. Why aren’t we supporting projects and companies like these? It just makes me feel bad that I didn’t get to buy anything.

The store is still closing down, and they’re having a sale. If you’re reading this and you live in America, it behoves you to purchase something from their store!!

Of course you don’t have to, but I really like the word behoves, and it’s for a good cause, so…

Have you had a similar experience of something you admire/are excited about closing down or stopping unexpectedly?