Day 5: Fitness Flop


I had started on this healthy journey. I was aiming to eat small, healthy sized portions of healthy food. I was aiming to exercise regularly, to start the day with a quick routine and make sure I go for a daily evening walk. I was aiming to eat dinner early so that I don’t eat anything after 8pm. I’ve been trying to eat less carbs, and more protein. I’ve been trying to eat more wholegrain instead of… Whatever the opposite of whole grain is. Partial grain?

This was all going well. (Okay, not really, I was only just beginning, but progress was being made.)

But now, now I’m just feeling like I’ve come to an impasse. It’s not that I don’t want to exercise and it’s not like I wanted to eat that second cereal bar after the big bag of skittles and the KFC for lunch. (Okay, maybe I did want the cereal bar. But hear me out..)

Of course I’ve got excuses:

– I did a decent amount of walking today, when I went out with my family earlier.

– It’s not like I chose to eat KFC, me and my family ate lunch together.

– I live with my family, so I eat dinner whenever it’s ready.

– There was a point when I was eating porridge and fresh berries for breakfast daily. But then, after I violently threw up a month ago and saw my extra smooth Ready Brek from a completely different angle, I’ve not been able to look at another bowl of porridge at all.

– Breakfast is the most important meal, so I might as well eat lots of it. (Cue second bowl of Crunchy Nut).

– Okay so I didn’t have to eat all the skittles today, but it was my treat. Everyone deserves treats.

– And cereal bars are healthy… right?

– I live at home… I can only really eat what’s in the house, and of course I can make food shopping suggestions, but not everyone wants to eat the way I do.

– I don’t have any of the exercise equipment I need to do important things like strength training.

The point is, I’m unintentionally finding ways to not do what I set out to do. Even writing this post has been a bit of a challenge. I started over an hour ago, and then conveniently (although completely unintentionally) found other things to do. Including eating dinner. (White rice, after 8pm, of course.)

This has to stop.

It’s not like I’m lacking inspiration or motivation. Looking down at my tummy is motivation enough. I look at all the inspiring photos of super fit people on Instagram. I’ve liked and screenshot all the suggested daily workout routines. I lie on my bed and watch videos of people exercising; adding the videos to my ‘fitness’ playlist. So why don’t I just do it?

Why don’t I? I don’t know. Maybe I need a kick. Or a firm hand. I don’t know.

Nevertheless, I am not giving up. Perhaps I’m just taking a rain check. Well, not really, I’m about to go for a walk now. But I can bet I’ll have a sweet or two when I’m back.

I do have self control, I do have self control, I do have self control…

Anyone else facing or ever faced a similar situation?

How NOT to Boil an Egg



I am blogging about boiling an egg.

This shouldn’t be something that’s hard to do. Until now, I thought I could do it with ease. Yet after three attempts (on three different days) I came to the conclusion that, apparently, I haven’t mastered this quintessential skill just yet.

When it comes to frying an egg, or scrambling an egg, I can do that. Quite decently, if I say so myself. But then one morning I decided I wanted to be healthy, and this happened.

Scenario 1: The Gooey Yolk.

Now I know that some strange people would find this acceptable. I however, almost cried. There are a few things that I will not eat, and one of the things on that list is a gooey egg yolk.
This was an amateur mistake, mind you, I was simply too eager to eat my egg. It wasn’t technically uncooked, it just wasn’t cooked enough. I should have responded rationally, recognise my mistake, laugh at myself, and then move on.

But of course I didn’t do that. I phoned my Mum to complain and whine about how my egg yolk was gooey, just like any 20 year old would do.

Scenario 2: The Overdone.

How do you ‘over-boil’ an egg?!

I thought I had it under control. I brought out my egg, put it on the counter, filled the pot with water and put it on the cooker, then toddled off to my room contentedly, leaving the water to boil. Only problem, I forgot to put the egg into the water. Who even does that?! So my Mum patiently explains that I should have put the egg in the cold water, rather than waiting for the water to boil first. *insert slow clap here*
Despite that hiccup, everything seemed okay, and I decided to leave the egg boiling for a generous amount of time, to ensure I didn’t have a repeat of the last attempt.

Everything looked good. I was feeling chuffed. And then I ate it.

The yolk was tough.
It shouldn’t have been tough.

Scenario 3: The ‘You Call Yourself an Egg’?!

I cannot express how traumatic this was. My most recent attempt at egg boiling (i.e. an hour ago) started out like any other attempt. Hopeful. Hungry. Determined. I got the pot, filled it with cold water, and remembered to put the egg inside. I put it on the cooker, and left it to boil. I thought, 10 minutes ought to do the trick. I walked away. I noticed I could smell smoke after a while, and went to check to see my pot was bringing out smoke. No not steam, smoke. I didn’t know how to resolve this, so I just let it be. I expected the water would start to bubble soon enough.

One way or another, it ended up staying on the cooker for about 15 minutes. No question, this egg should have been cooked. The water still hadn’t bubbled, but a decent amount of smoke was escaping the pot. I checked the time. It had definitely been at least 15 minutes. So I poured away the hot water, put the egg in some cold water and set out to crack the shell.

I hit the egg. It squished.

Part of the white was gooey, part of it was cooked. The egg had broken in the shell so I could see that the yoke was part cooked and part gooey! WHAT?! Frantically I asked my Mum what to do, and since the shell wasn’t completely off, just a bit chipped, I put it back on to boil. Yes.

10 minutes later, I go to the kitchen to see the pot foaming , bits of shell in the pot and little bits of escaped egg floating about. By this point, I didn’t care. One way or another, I will eat this egg. So I start to peel off the shell, and it’s refusing to come off smoothly, instead it’s taking chunks of the egg white with it. Part of the yolk is yellow, part is orange, the outside is hard, the inside gooey and weird looking.

Now I’m just thinking, okay so I’ll eat the white and bin the yoke. So I take out the yoke and see a not-so-small spot of red on the white. You know what I’m talking about. In horror I see visions of little chicks, and my battered egg is suddenly the very definition of unappetizing.

Yet in my hungry, determined, and annoyed state I start to pick at the outer white of the egg. I set out to eat an egg and by golly, I’m gonna eat some egg.

Let’s just say I’ve had better experiences with food.


What’s funnier, in my opinion, is that I can cook. I’ve made dinner before. Chicken, mince meat, pasta, vegetables, salads etc. I can even do beans on toast and fried onions. But hard boiled egg?! Well, that’s clearly a whole other level of culinary school…

So… how do YOU like your eggs in the morning?