Day 23: Entangled Nightmare


The tears began to blur her vision, ready to spill unto her cheeks and reinforce her sorry state. “Why does this happen? Every single time?!”

She gave another tug, but the knot just tightened. All she wanted was to release the melody and enjoy it with ease, but it seemed that the limp wire had other ideas.

She was almost defeated, but the desire to shun the world made her fight harder. Eventually, she felt the thin wire loosening between her fingers. SUCCESS! 

Her path to comfort was untangling. With a content sigh she loosened the rest of the knots, basking in the knowledge that she could now listen to music, unrestricted.


How frustrating, eh? Headphones + Knots = Grrrr (and eventually tears). Who can relate?




Day 17: The art of Procrastination


11 minutes past Sunday.
The start of a Monday like all others.
The peace now disrupted as they stared at each other.
Beyond the chaos and the upturned covers
Lay a heart now regretting the choices it made.

It isn’t enough to wish away the problems,
She sat up, knees hugged, and hummed a dull rhythm
As she waited for the ring of panicked adrenaline to surge in her heart.
Next time she’d be sure to do it from the start
So she wouldn’t lay regretting the choices she’d made.

“It’s too late, it’s too late” she muttered, with a leer
As the hope she once had was shaken by fear.
If she missed it her future would be on the line.
One way or another she’ll have to pay the time.
She’s still regretting the choices she’d made.

She again picked up her phone and stared with wide eyes
At the words and numbers shining brightly from inside
2000 word essay, due Monday at 6 or face suspension.
She tried to forget that all she’d typed was the question.
Once again she’s regretting the choices she’d made.

So she jumps up with a purpose
Pins back the wild circus of hair atop her head
As she scrambles around for some paper and lead
With hopes of inspiration, and quick handed motivation.
Next time she’d be sure to not leave it this late,
So she’s not left regretting the choices she makes.

Day 13: “The Bowl” – Flash Fiction


This was totally a spur of the moment thing. Let me know what you think! 🙂


It was just a bowl. A cloudy glass ornament that spent it’s time taunting her. She didn’t want it. So why couldn’t she throw it away? Why couldn’t she rid herself of the burden and the memories, and just move on? Maybe because it was all she had left of him. He got away that evening. Before she knew it he had flapped out of the bowl and dived into the shallow stream. She dived in, but to no avail. He was gone.

Fish aren’t like dogs or cats, they won’t come searching for their owners. And now, all she had left was a stupid bowl.