Haughtiness Doesn’t Save


Why would anyone want to embrace something that would make them feel inadequate, wrong, judged and condemned?

People like to avoid religion. And quite rightly, because it is a judgemental, elitist ritual, that says you’ll only be good enough if you do ‘this, this and this’.

That’s not what Chrisitanity is about. It’s about relationship with the One who created you, through the ONLY acceptable sacrifice of atonement.

Jesus never condemned. He spoke in love. He lead in love. He was the perfect example and display of God’s love towards us.

That’s what we as believers are called to do and be. To display love. The world doesn’t need more condemnation and proud judgemental attitudes. It needs love. It needs to know that despite all the rubbish and sin, God still loves them, and He wants them redeemed, set free and restored to fullness of peace and hope through His Son.

It’s only God’s unconditional love and God’s Grace that causes and motivates people to change. Because love is forgiving and understanding, always seeing the best in others, and always putting others first, it is the only force that will make someone actually want to give up living in a sinful way.

Let’s just imagine… You’ve got a baby that is trying to walk but keeps falling over. Would you…

A) Push them down and curse them, telling them they’re wrong and are failing, and will never be good enough if they don’t hurry up and walk – explaining to them all the sorrows that lie ahead for those that can’t walk?


B) Gently help them up again, with patience and kindness, encouraging and praising them every time they successfully take a step, and supporting them every time they fell over again?

Which baby do you think would grow up secure, strong and able to walk without fear or paranoia? The answer is obvious. So why aren’t we like this to those people we encounter who are lost and broken, searching for help? Or those that are so lost, they can’t even see they’re lost? Most people are not bad. They are not trying to do wrong things, they are trying to get by and live the best life they can – they just don’t know that there is a better and easier way than battling it out alone.

Just because we’ve been saved doesn’t make us ‘better’ than those unsaved, it means we’ve understood and embraced God’s love and made a choice to let Him heal us. We should be encouraging others to do the same, not condemning them for trying to fix themselves.

The only one with the right to condemn is Jesus, and Jesus comes to us in love, not condemnation. God’s message is that of love, forgiveness, salvation, peace, joy and restoration. What message are you sharing with the world today?


Day 24: In Need of Saving?


You’ll soon be overwhelmed by all you cannot do 

For the battle is too big for me and for you.

But there is One who came to save,

And there’s power in His name.

He’s our Strength and Song.

Will you let Him in?

Depression is misplaced focus.

You can’t do it, and you know this,

So stop trying in vain,

Call on His name,

He’s willing to save.

Will you let Him in?

“It’s my problem and my strength

It’s me who’ll fix it in the end.”

This isn’t how God taught us to walk

This isn’t how we ought to talk.

God is faithful and true,

And He’s waiting for you 

To let Him in.

We’re living by Grace, because He saves

This is not something we could ever gain.

We can’t be so focused on ourselves

That we miss the chance to help someone else.

Our strength and source is God alone.

So turn your eyes, look to The Throne.

The King is calling you to Him,

Will you answer?

Will you let Him in?

Day 5: Fitness Flop


I had started on this healthy journey. I was aiming to eat small, healthy sized portions of healthy food. I was aiming to exercise regularly, to start the day with a quick routine and make sure I go for a daily evening walk. I was aiming to eat dinner early so that I don’t eat anything after 8pm. I’ve been trying to eat less carbs, and more protein. I’ve been trying to eat more wholegrain instead of… Whatever the opposite of whole grain is. Partial grain?

This was all going well. (Okay, not really, I was only just beginning, but progress was being made.)

But now, now I’m just feeling like I’ve come to an impasse. It’s not that I don’t want to exercise and it’s not like I wanted to eat that second cereal bar after the big bag of skittles and the KFC for lunch. (Okay, maybe I did want the cereal bar. But hear me out..)

Of course I’ve got excuses:

– I did a decent amount of walking today, when I went out with my family earlier.

– It’s not like I chose to eat KFC, me and my family ate lunch together.

– I live with my family, so I eat dinner whenever it’s ready.

– There was a point when I was eating porridge and fresh berries for breakfast daily. But then, after I violently threw up a month ago and saw my extra smooth Ready Brek from a completely different angle, I’ve not been able to look at another bowl of porridge at all.

– Breakfast is the most important meal, so I might as well eat lots of it. (Cue second bowl of Crunchy Nut).

– Okay so I didn’t have to eat all the skittles today, but it was my treat. Everyone deserves treats.

– And cereal bars are healthy… right?

– I live at home… I can only really eat what’s in the house, and of course I can make food shopping suggestions, but not everyone wants to eat the way I do.

– I don’t have any of the exercise equipment I need to do important things like strength training.

The point is, I’m unintentionally finding ways to not do what I set out to do. Even writing this post has been a bit of a challenge. I started over an hour ago, and then conveniently (although completely unintentionally) found other things to do. Including eating dinner. (White rice, after 8pm, of course.)

This has to stop.

It’s not like I’m lacking inspiration or motivation. Looking down at my tummy is motivation enough. I look at all the inspiring photos of super fit people on Instagram. I’ve liked and screenshot all the suggested daily workout routines. I lie on my bed and watch videos of people exercising; adding the videos to my ‘fitness’ playlist. So why don’t I just do it?

Why don’t I? I don’t know. Maybe I need a kick. Or a firm hand. I don’t know.

Nevertheless, I am not giving up. Perhaps I’m just taking a rain check. Well, not really, I’m about to go for a walk now. But I can bet I’ll have a sweet or two when I’m back.

I do have self control, I do have self control, I do have self control…

Anyone else facing or ever faced a similar situation?