iChoose Apple


I think that a lot of the people berating the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus because of the lack of ‘technological advancement’ (in comparison with some of the Android phones currently in the market) are missing out on the whole enticing quality of Apple.

As far as I’m concerned, the specs of the new iPhones are great – because I know why I want an iPhone, and I know what I want to use it for. To some techies, however, the brand new members of the fruit family might just seem like pretty packages without much punch. I think this argument is somewhat redundant, because you don’t necessarily buy Apple products to get the latest specs.

You buy Apple because it’s glamourous.

You buy Apple because iTunes, FaceTime, iWork and iLife.

You buy Apple because of the inter-device connectivity.

You buy Apple because it’s Apple. And Apple is cool.

Don’t deny it.

There’s no point saying that the new iPhone isn’t on par with the new HTC or the new Samsung. Of course it isn’t. That’s like saying a javelin thrower isn’t on par with a sprinter; it’s a silly statement to make. The different devices are completely different boxes of tools, built for different purposes, with different users in mind.

We all like different things, and no one is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in their choice of technological preference.

Next year when my current phone contract ends I will be buying the Apple Watch and the iPhone 6. I appreciate the innovation of the current leading phones and technologies in the market. I appreciate that by that point (May 2015) newer, more advanced and more proficient technology will be available. But I’m an Apple kinda girl. I like flawless design. I like class. I like beauty. (I’m not saying that other companies don’t have these things). I like the elegance and prestige that Apple just oozes: in the business world, in education, in medicine and in the consumer market.  And basically, to have a laptop that syncs with my tablet that syncs with my phone that syncs with my watch (and they’re all extremely sleek and attractive), well… I think that’s pretty cool, and a jolly good reason to spend my money.


The Muppets Most Wanted – Film Review



Last week I went to the cinema, so I’ve decided to tell you about it. Watching the Muppets as an adult is just not quite the same. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, I did, but that’s more in an “Awwh, that’s funny, if slightly cringe-worthy”. I ought to mention, that although I am an adult, I am still very much a Big Kid. I still enjoy watching M I High, VeggieTales, Bratz, StoryKeepers and almost every animated Disney film. So this isn’t because I’m past the targeted age range.

I left the cinema thinking “well that was… interesting.” When people ask me what I thought of it, I tend to say “It was alright. I mean it was quite funny, but I wouldn’t choose to watch it again.” It’s the kind of film that I would watch with my family if it came on TV, but I’m not making a second trip to the cinema. There we’re parts that were really funny, and I must say that Tina Fey was absolutely fabulous in it. But there were some parts that I just didn’t believe, and I found myself shifting uncomfortably in my seat during some scenes.

Having said that, the opening was brilliant, especially for a Media (and cinema) Geek, as they did a song referencing the fact that this was a sequel, and that sequels are never really as good the first film. I thought this was genius.

There were a few funny cameos, but also one that I thought was completely unnecessary (cough GAGA cough).

The plotline was quite funny, I guess, and the screenplay was particularly suited to children. All in all, I do think it was a job well done, but as a Big Kid, I wasn’t overly impressed.