Breathing all around me,

I know You keep me here.

It’s only because You’re with me

that I haven’t crumpled with fear.

The silence ever deafening.

The walls are moving too fast.

In and out of consciousness,

All I see is my past.

“Don’t let me die” – an awkward phrase,

Said with little breath.

Your word will never fail me

Throughout what lies ahead.

There’s got to be a reason

Or I’d have gone that night.

Wisdom from a bleak season –

In life we should be light.

Self Discovery


A journey of self discovery.
A trip into darkness.
A light forced to burn brighter,
My life held by hope’s harness.

It’s amazing how You know just what I need.
In You I stand complete.

Steadied in the rocky climb,
Growing in the struggle.
Holding onto peace,
Learning how to juggle.

It’s amazing how You know just what I need.
In You I stand complete.

Lodges, bonfires and trees.
Never-ending company,
Within the gentle breeze.
Your Love is calling out to me.

It’s amazing how You know just what I need.
In You I stand complete.

The Spirit helps me see
The way in which to walk
I’m learning to do and be –
Life is more than just talk.

It’s amazing how You know just what I need.
In You I stand complete.

Day 26: Keep Going.


“It’s hard to know what I should do.”

Keep going.

“There’s hurt and pain and everything’s wrong.”

Keep going.

“I don’t see the way.”

Keep going.

“I’ve fallen before.”

Keep going.

“I feel so helpless.”

Keep going.


One thing I can tell you

His word is true.

One thing I can tell you

He will come through.

One thing I can tell you

It’s not over yet.

One thing I can tell you

Have no more regrets.


For there is One who

Will make the darkness light

There is One who

Does everything right.


So you’re broken, lost and hurting

Keep going.

This one thing I can tell you –

There is One who can save.

Day 20: a shockingly pointless poem


Remind me why I decided I’d blog every day?
Because right now I really have nothing to say.
The hours were long, I don’t mean to let you down
But I gotta be real, I’m not up to it now.

Otherwise all you’ll read is a waffley nothing.
My stream of consciousness is not that exciting,
Not when I really want to sleep, eat or both.
Didn’t want to try, and give you false hope.

Would you look at this, I’ve typed out a post
With no real meaning, a short poem at most
But hey, this is writing, and all the words matter
Tomorrow, my friends, we’ll resume the natter.

Day 11: Attempting to Write Poetry when I’m Tired


The sky is blue
And I am thinking
Of things to share
With you.

Spent all day writing
For someone else.
Need inspiration

Please take this poem
Until once more
My motivation’s

I like to write
I really do,
But this tired mind

To get some rest
And close my eyes
Until the morning

So bye for now
My online friends.
We’ll talk tomorrow,